I’m Lauren, a photographer in Milwaukee specializing in emotive film photos.

I’m driven by my love of preserving the everyday moments as much as the big milestones. I’ll be there to steal away with you and your partner for a quiet moment before your reception. To me, the backyard sun lighting your child’s hair can be just as magical. It’s those small, in-between moments that we’re nostalgic for. They should be a priority in your photography.

Photos give us a piece of time.

I’ve photographed over 150 weddings in that time. It has been equal parts inspirational and fulfilling. I get to make moving images out of people’s tenderest moments. Photography lets me tell those stories visually. 

For 12 years, I’ve been a photographer in Milwaukee.

Whether it’s the wedding industry or social media, it feels like there’s constant pressure to do more. As a photographer in Milwaukee, I want to help you carve out space to breathe and connect. Read your kids the extra story. Be present with your partner and feel their hand in yours. We can take the time to capture those organic expressions of love.

In a whirlwind world, let’s move slowly, intentionally.

let's be friends!

  1. When I say I’m chill, I mean that I don’t have any expectations beyond creating the gallery you want to see. This is your wedding, your pregnancy, your family. And these are your photos.
  2. I’m a vintage lover. For me, it’s about more than fashion. It shows an appreciation for connections between the past and future. Vintage is a chance to move away from a disposable mindset towards a slower, more intentional way of living.
  3. I really love dogs. I spend lots of time outdoors with mine. Consider this my official request that you bring your pup to your photo session.

A few things you should know about me:

Eclectic images brimming with emotion.

Film and Super8 have my heart, though I offer digital photography as well. These media are so emotive and have a textured realness to them that’s hard to capture any other way. I’ve developed a very calming presence that helps my clients relax into their photography experiences.