Let’s capture the photo-worthy love in everyday life.

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You are such a central figure in your children’s everyday lives, but my guess is that you often end up behind the lens instead of in front of it with them. I’m a Milwaukee family photographer because I love creating space for parents to be present with their children.

Parenthood is a constant process of documenting your little ones from those cozy months leading up to birth to the hurried first-day-of-school photos.

Documentary family photography embraces authenticity and imperfection to capture the things you really want to remember. The real work of caring for a family - the snack times and bath times, the park swings and backyard soccer games - are a big part of what life is about at this moment. Let’s commemorate that magic with moving photos.

Parenthood & family sessions can look all sorts of ways.

Maternity Session

Whitney + Trevor

"Thank you so much for this, how magical! It feels like such an eternity ago that he was in my belly even though it’s been less than 2 weeks, and I miss the belly and those feelings already! We absolutely love it"

When you care for children, you surrender yourself to something bigger than you. Sometimes it’s hard to see the beauty of those everyday experiences. As a Milwaukee family photographer, I find the beauty in where you are, incomplete home improvement projects and all. Cooking, eating breakfast together, brushing hair. These are the simple things you’ll yearn for as they grow. Photography gives you the space to relive those moments. 

Nostalgic images of bright moments.

Packages & Pricing

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30-minute session: $300
60-minute session: $450

→ Outfit and styling assistance 
→ Online gallery with unlimited downloads 
→ Personal location scouting 


Digital Family Session




cost: $1,300

→ 125 35mm film photos
→ A 2-minute super8 film
→ 25 paper prints date stamped
→ Online gallery of film photos with unlimited downloads


Film Family Session

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Studio Maternity & Parenthood Sessions

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starting cost: $600

→ Outfit and styling assistance 
→ Online gallery with unlimited downloads 
→ Option to add film and Super8 video


I strive to meet your family where you are. I know that kids have hard days and the weather doesn’t always cooperate. We can always figure out a backup plan.

Let’s document the golden warmth of this moment for your family.